Get autoreply

Fetch vacation autoreply (auto-responder)

  • HTTP Method: GET
  • URL: https://example.domain.tld/api/v1/vacation_autoreply/
  • Require authentication: Yes
  • Permission level required: MailUser

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
vacation_autoreply dict The vacation autoreply object
subject str Subject of autoreply email
body str Body of autoreply email
start_time int Start of autoreply as UNIX timestamp (seconds)
end_time int End of autoreply as UNIX timestamp (seconds)
status str Status

Example request (Python)

import requests
import json
from pprint import pprint

url = "https://example.domain.tld/api/v1/vacation_autoreply/"
r = requests.get(url, auth=("","long-auth_token-here"))

Example response (JSON)

{'vacation_autoreply': {'body': 'I will be out of office until the 15th, '
                                'please contact John instead.',
                        'status': 'enabled',
                        'start_time': 1630671300,
                        'end_time': 1630672200,
                        'subject': 'Out of office'}}