Get setting

Get settings for system mailer (used to send system emails), postfix relayhost, junk/trash clearing interval and IMAP master password

  • HTTP Method: GET
  • URL: https://example.domain.tld/api/v1/settings/<setting>/
  • Require authentication: Yes
  • Permission level required: MasterAdmin

Path parameters

Parameter Type Description Required
setting str system_mailer or postfix_relayhost or junk_trash_clearing_interval or imap_master_password Required

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
settings dict The settings object
name str Setting name
status str Status
value str / dict Value of setting


Response would be HTTP 204 NO CONTENT (empty string) if the setting does not exist, i.e., was never set/updated.

Example request (Python)

import requests
import json
from pprint import pprint

url = "https://example.domain.tld/api/v1/settings/postfix_relayhost/"
r = requests.get(url, auth=("admin","long-auth_token-here"))

Example response (JSON)

{'settings': {'name': 'postfix_relayhost',
              'status': 'applied',
              'value': {'server_hostname': 'filter1020.mymailbux.comm',
                        'server_port': 587,
                        'username': 'relay-user'}}}